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Desert Information

Our Jeeps:

All the mentioned itineraries by 4x4 Toyota land Cruiser, fully air-conditioned, all seats are facing forward and equipped with seat belts; every 4x4 will be equipped with sand mats, spare tires, fire extinguisher. With each group we send a first aid kit, cool box, GPS device and satellite telephone.

Our drivers have years of experience in desert trips and are familiar with every kind of terrain. They know the Egyptian deserts by heart and are accomplished mechanics. They also prepare excellent, well-cooked dinner at the end of each day’s tour. For tours through difficult terrain we send a mechanic along.


Tents and Equipment:

During adventure trips accommodation are tents (for 2 persons) with bottom covering and mattresses. We provide kitchen utensils and upon request sleeping bags as well. The western oases have simple but clean lodges which can be used for some nights instead of tents; most rooms are equipped with baths/WC. In towns we provide hotel accommodation of your choice.



On desert trips we try to organize the tours so that you get a chance to visit springs or wells at least every second day. Some provide hot water, others are large enough to swim, so bring a swimsuit! The same goes for tours in Sinai, many of which will provide the opportunity to swim and snorkel. We also take water canisters along to freshen up a bit, except for expeditons to the Gilf el Kebir, where we can take drinking water only to keep the cars as light as possible.



We are making sure to supply you with the safest, most variable and typically oriental outdoor food (safari food) .

Breakfast:: Coffee, tea or hot chocolate, 2 kinds of cheese, boiled eggs, and 2 kinds of jam, honey, bread or special Bedouin pancakes.

Lunch: Usually lunch is the lightest meal of the day and consists of different kind of cheese and vegetables, or scrambled  eggs with bread and salad, noodle- or rice-salad, tuna fish or the like, with tea or coffee afterwards.

Dinner: This is the main meal of the day and leisurely prepared: soup of the day, rice or pasta and vegetables with meat or chicken, and coffee or tea. There are always fruit besides.


Desert Travel Tips:

If you have booked a desert expedition - please take into account that you might get exactly that. Meaning that in difficult terrain we might have busted tires or even a car breakdown. We can get stuck in sand regularly – but there is no need to worry and indeed this is part of the experience of a desert tour. Our team is prepared for this and has the means to deal with any situation arising on the way. On difficult trails we always use more than one car even for tiny groups, and GPS device and satellite phone are part of the equipment.

While all our cars are air-conditioned for your comfort, the drivers might occasionally cut the A/C to have full power for the motor if necessary.

We will take along everything necessary, on longer and difficult trips this includes water, but this is drinking water only to keep the cars as light as possible in difficult terrain. Wells and springs might provide the opportunity to wash or even swim, and now and then you will have a stay at a lodge to enjoy a real room with a real shower!


Take nothing with you - Leave nothing behind!!!

The best way to join us is with not too much luggage, so have a look at our list and make sure your bag weighs not more than 12 kg. , in soft bags or backpacks:

Cap, sun glasses, 5 T-shirt, 1 pullover, 1 warm jacket, 2 shorts, 2 long trousers, 1 swimming suit, 1 towel, 5 pairs of socks, walking shoes, hiking shoes, water shoes, and for trips in Sinai additional diving mask and snorkel.

Sun screen (high protection), tooth brush, tooth paste, lip stick, metal water bottle.

We have our own first aid kit, and we are well trained to handle difficult situations, but it’s recommended you bring:

Diarrhoea tablets

Headache tablets

Sterile bandages.

Micropur MT1 tablets (For drinking water disinfection).

Oral rehydration solution

Please follow your guide’s instruction about food, clothing and heat & sun protection.   

Tour Leader should be notified of any special medical requirements ( diabetes, blood pressure ).


Please don’t forget to bring a battery charger for use in the car for digital cameras or videos for the trips where you don’t spend at least every second night at a lodge or hotel.


For the duration of the trip we will provide equipment and mattresses – please treat these carefully and keep them clean. Upon request we can provide sleeping bags as well.


If you appreciate the natural wonders and monuments you see on your trip we ask you kindly not to take anything away, not to leave trash (including toilet paper…), not to touch old monuments, walk on old buildings and walls etc. – in short, leave the place like you found it.