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Tour Samples

EG 11: Camel Safari White Desert


1. Day: Arrival

Arrival at Cairo airport, assistance and transfer to ho­tel. Over­night in Cai­ro.

2.Day: Cairo – Giza – Bahariya

Transfer from Cairo to Baharija. On the way stop at the pyramids of Giza and sphinx. Arrive at Baharija, then drive through the beautiful fruit groves of Bahariya then drive 60 km to El Haiz. After lunch walk through the palm groves. In the afternoon drive westward via El Haiz to El Agabat. The exciting tour goes through hills and dunes. Overnight at a beautiful site at  El Agabat. Here we meet the camels and the accompanying bedouin. Tent overnight

3. Day: El Agabat – Wadi Battikh

After breakfast we get acquainted with our camels and take a short roundtrip through the impressive landscape of El Agabat. Afterwards we go on to Ain Sirw, and from there to Wadi Battikh (ca. 27 km). Overnight in tent.

4. Day: Wadi Battikh – Wadi Henein – White Desert

Breakfast, then camel ride or trekking from Wadi el Battikh to Wadi el Henein, all in all ca. 15 km. In the afternoon we go on from Wadi el Henein to the Sahara el Gedida, an extension of the White Desert (ca.12 km). Overnight in tent.

5. Day: White Desert

Leaving the Sahara el Gedida we proceed to Wadi Mushroom and its famous mushroom-shaped rocks, with enough opportunities to linger and take photos. In the afternoon we leave for the Sahara el Qadima, camping and overnight.

6. Day: White Desert – Bir Rigw

The morning is dedicated to walking and photographing in the White Desert; after lunch we proceed to Bir Rigw; here we say goodbye to our camel team. Overnight in tent.

7.Day: Bir Rigw – Farafra – Bahariya - Cairo

After breakfast drive to Farafra and visit to the small local museum. On to Bahariya. On the way stop at Crystal Mountain and short stroll, then on to Bahariya, and after Bawiti 100 km towards Cairo. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

8. Day: Final Departure

Transfer to Cairo airport and final departure.


EG 8: Sinai - Jeepsafari


1.Day: Arrival

Arrival, meeting & assistance at airport, transfer to camp. Overnight.

2.Day: Sharm - Abu Zenima - Serabit el Chadim

Early morning start from Sharm along the west coast of Sinai. Lunch on the way. From Abu Ze­nima we'll drive east­ward throu­gh Wadi Ma­tul­la to Serabit el Cha­dim. Din­ner and over­night in a camp.

3.Day: Rod el Aïr - Hathor temple - Wadi Chredj - Wadi Ba´ba´ - Bir el Nasb - Serabit el Chadim

After breakfast we'll climb up to the temple (ca. 2h), passing the rock ins­criptions of Rod el Aïr, and visit the sanctuary of Hathor, lady of turquoise. After lunch drive to the most beautiful valleys of the area. In Wadi Chredj, center of copper mining in Pharaonic times, we'll ascend to the stele of Sahu­ra to enjoy the view. Wadi Ba´ba´ shelters a surprisingly green palm gar­den. After a visit to the little oasis at Bir el Nasb return to Serabit, dinner and overnight in camp.

4.Day: Wadi Seih - Sheikh Habus - Wadi Mukattab - Wadi Feiran - St. Catharine

In the morning drive through Wadi Seih, with a stop at the tomb of Sheikh Habus, a locally re­vered saint. Continuation of the tour thr­ough Wadi Mukattab with its protosinaitic and Coptic inscrip­tions. After lunch  drive through Wa­di Fei­ran to St. Cat­hari­ne. Dinner and overnight in a camp.

5.Day: St. Catharine - Blue Mountain - Wadi Safra - Nawa­mis - Ain Hudra

Early morning ascent to Gebel Musa (ca.3½h) to view the sunrise from the summit. Afterwards visit to the me­diae­val monastery. Then drive to the "Blue Moun­tain", a colourful symbol of pea­ce amidst the desert. After lunch on throu­gh Wadi Safra to the Nawamis, well preserved tombs of the Bronze Age. Drive to the little oasis of Ain Hudra, the biblical Hazerot, dinner and over­night in tent.

6.Day: Ain Hudra – Coloured Canyon

Drive through Wadi Hudra, passing Ain Furtaqa to the Coloured Canyon; walk through the bre­athtaking rock formations of the Colored Canyon (ca. 1½h.).  Camping and over­night in the vicinity.

7.Day: Coloured Canyon - Nu­wei­ba - Sharm

Drive to Nuweiba, whe­re you have the opportunity to take a stroll in town. In the afternoon there is time at leisure for swimming; afterwards transfer back to Sharm, dinner and overnight at camp.

8. Day: Final Departure

Transfer to Sharm airport & Final Departure.


EG 9: Mountain trekking in Sinai


1.Day: Arrival in Sharm – Nuweiba

 Arrival, meeting & assistance at Sharm airport, transfer to hotel in Nuweiba. Overnight.

2.Day: Nuweiba - St.Katharina - Malga - Talaa – Zawateen

Drive to St.Katherine and visit the mediaeval orthodox monastery. Then begin of the walking tour from al Malga at Sheikh Musa’s, loading the pack camels with equipment. Ascent to the Talaa mountains, for about 2 ½ hrs. Walking through the Bedouins’ olive plantations with their interesting irrigation system. Occasional tea break. Lunch at the waterfall of Talaa. After lunch walking for about 2hrs to Zawateen (ca.180om above sea level). Dinner and overnight among the olive trees.

3.Day: Djebel Abbas Basha - Wadi Tina - Farsh el Rummana

After breakfast climb to Djebel Abbas Basha (ca.2305m above sea level). On the summit there are still ruins of the palace of Abbas Basha, begun in 1750 A.D. and left unfinished four years later. After one hrs walk arrival in Wadi Tina, which is full of fig trees. Lunch, and continuation of the tour to Farsh el Rummana, a valley named for its pomegramate trees. Dinner and overnight.

4.Day: Ain el Negela - Djebel el Bab - Wadi Kharaza

Breakfast, then 2hrs walk to  Ain el Negela. The spring comes out of the granite rock. Ascent to Djebel el Bab (2088m). From the summit one can overlook the Gulf of Suez and the city of Tor Sinai. After lunch 4hrs walk to Wadi Kharaza. Natural hollows in the granite collect water to form pools. Overnight.

5.Day: Djebel Katharina - Wadi Homra - Djebel Musa

3hrs walk from Wadi Kharaza to Djebel Katherine (2646m), through Wadi Homra, a valley famous for its beautiful red granite formations. Lunch at Farsh Umm Sela. From there one has a view of Djebel Katherine and Djebel Musa. Afterwards descent to Wadi el Arba’in. The monastery of Deir el Arba’in is named after the 40 monks who were its occupants. Ascent to Djebel Musa (2285m), overnight on the summit.

6.Day: St.Katharina - Nuweiba

Sunrise on the summit of Djebel Musa. Afterwards drive back to Nuweiba. Overnight at hotel.

6.-8.Day: Nuweiba

Free at leisure in Nuweiba.

8.Day: Departure

Transfer to Sharm airport and final departure.